About Karen Ann's

Handmade Gifts and Keepsakes.

Embroideries and Personalisation.

Karen Ann’s started in 2016 having made my own wedding décor including the ring cushion, fabric-padded guest book and favour bags. These were well received and encouraged me to make them for friends and family.

Our range grew to include an array of cushion designs and then our Baby Blankets and T-shirt Teddies, on which we embroidered my own designs of Flowers; Hearts; Sheep etc as well as my “Baby Boy” and “Baby Girl” designs.

Encouraged by the popularity of our embroidered items and with my own love of animals, by 2019 we had begun creating more complex dog breed designs. These proved even more popular, particularly when we started offering personalised versions; our customers upload their pet photo to our web site, and we create a design of their pet for them which is then embroidered using their choice of thread colour and item – a totally unique gift which can be treasured for a lifetime.

Our range continues to grow, and over the coming months we will be adding more animals and further dog breeds to our designs, as well as introducing cute puppies and kittens. Our customers will be able to have their favourite dog breed embroidered on one side of the cushion, with a puppy or perhaps a different breed on the other side - or even their own dog or puppy!

So, keep checking our blog for updates and information about events we will be attending. Why not complete our embroidery form for your own personalised embroidery!

Kindest wishes,


Karen Ann.  xxx

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