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Karen Ann's Logo Layer without
Karen Ann's Logo Layer without



All of the animation examples you see on our “Digital Animations” page required only the shown static image (jpg/png or other format) of our customers’ original logo/s for us to create!


Also, as can be seen in most of the examples, by default we create your animation so that the final frame shows the original logo provided. This ensures it remains familiar to your customers whilst holding their attention and getting your message across. This is of course optional, and any aspect of the animation can be tailored to your preferences – you might want to insert your company’s strap-line, or perhaps some photo’s or video? You may also have more than one graphic that you would like to incorporate into the animation to enhance your customers’ awareness of another side to your company?


Most people know the first 15 seconds of a sales call are critical in capturing your prospective customer’s interest. Web sites are no different; let your logo work for those precious seconds with an exciting and informative animation from


We generally aim for between 10-20 seconds, but the choice is yours if you would like your animation “punchier”, or perhaps to tell a story which requires a longer duration?


The only information that is required is the preferred length of time the animation should run, and the company logo/graphic, or any text you wish to include. Multiple graphics are not needed to make your logo come to life; all of the examples shown needed only the one image for the animation. More than one is purely by choice.


So, why not give your web-site, business/social media, video presentation or reception display the breath of life it deserves, and get in touch with us to discuss your animation  :-)


Yours truly,


Karen Ann.