Photo guidelines for the best results:


Turning your animal photos into an embroidery is quite a process, and the better the photo the better the result. Below are some essential guidelines on getting the best results for your embroidery:

Selection area of your image

By default, we will create your embroidery design from your pet’s head to maximise the level of detail shown (like those visible on this page). It's essential that your pet's image isn't cut off or obscured, and preferable that they are the main focus of the image.

The sharper the better

High quality images are key to the best results; low

resolution images can result in “fuzzy edges” and loss of detail, particularly if the subject to be embroidered is a small portion of the entire photo. Ideally try to ensure that your chosen subject's face (dog, cat etc.) looks reasonably clear when you have “zoomed in” to the area to be embroidered.


If your photo is dark, or shows shadows being cast on your pet in areas which are to be used for the embroidery, the shadows could potentially become part of the embroidery design. Every effort is made to improve photos with poor lighting, but initially well-lit subjects work best.

Thread colour

Regardless of your colour choice for the embroidery, all photos are initially converted to either a black or white design, which represent the shaded and highlighted areas of the subject. Clearly embroidering black thread onto black material (or white onto white) would produce undesirable results! On darker cushions the design highlights are usually used for the embroidery thread, and on lighter materials the shaded areas are used – this prevents the results looking like a negative. Grey cushions, for example, often work well with either the shaded or highlighted part of the design.

We create a digital version of your item using your chosen colours to best illustrate how it should look before a single stitch is sewn.

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