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Paw prints on a crisp frosty morning 🐾

What a wonderful way December has said hello!  

With the beautiful crisp air, chilling our noses and frost nipping at our toes, while spending time with our four-legged friends, on our walkies.  

Whilst we are enjoying the simplicity of being with them and the views around us, our beautiful friends are exploring and discovering new senses that they may not have experienced before! Including the cold nipping at their nose.  

All these senses can have so many different reactions, even an "I want to get home in the warm" - just like us!  

Like all beautiful walks there are always thoughts around safety of our dogs - as winter care is so important.  

A few simple steps we can do to help our friends to feel safe and comfortable -  

  • Smaller walks, so not to be in the cold for too long 

  • A dog jumper or coat to keep them warm.

  • If walked near a path or road, gently washing paws to wash away any salt/grit that they may have picked up.

  • Checking for snow between the toes/paws and drying them thoroughly.

To find out more about our #dogwalking services, check out our services page.

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