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Dog Walking.

Each of our pet/animal wellbeing and welfare walkers aims to make every walk the highlight of your dog's day, giving them a chance to play, socialise, exercise and explore new sights, sounds and smells, returning home feeling comfortably tired and happy.

Your dog's safety is always our top priority, which is why we never take your dog on large pack walks.

Playing Catch

One-to-one Walks.

​​We offer one-to-one walks – a solo dog walking service, if you have a dog who needs some alone time with their walker or wants some TLC whilst discovering the big wide world. With our one-to-one sessions we time things so that we can do some enrichment games and continue the basic training your dog enjoys, to keep a balance of physical and mental stimulation, so they feel content and relaxed.

One hour - One-to-one walk 1 dog £14

(from April 2024 - £15)

One hour - One-to-one walk 2 dogs from same household £20

(from April 2024 - £22) 

Small Group Walks.

We want your dog to experience a fun-filled walk whilst under constant supervision, without being bombarded by lots of other dogs. Instead, our trained pet/animal wellbeing and welfare walker will only walk your dog with two other doggie friends, and for added support our staff members pair up on tailored socialisation group walks for added safety and security, as well as encouraging maximum play and enrichment within each session.

One hour - Group walk 1 dog £14

(from April 2024 - £15)

One hour - Group walk 2 dogs from same household £20

(from April 2024 - £22) 

One hour - Group walk 3 dogs from same household £26

(from April 2024 - £29) 

One hour - Group walk 4 dogs from same household £32

(from April 2024 - £36) 

Three Shelties
Dog & Cat Pals

Cat & Puppy pop-ins

(30-minute service)

Pop-ins are a great way to break up your pet's day and for keeping their routine going while you're away from home.

This is a popular service and is a perfect length of visit to satisfy the crucial needs of much younger pets at home, whilst leaving plenty of time for affection and play.

We also offer a one hour visit (with walk if required) if you would like your pet to have a bit more company, play and affection to further break up their day.

(30-minute service does not include walk).

30-minute - Cat and puppy pop-ins maximum 2 pets £10

(from April 2024 - £11)

One hour - Cat and puppy visits maximum of two pets £14

(from April 2024 - £15)

Pet sitting Cats & Dogs

within their own home.

We provide a tailored service for your pet's needs from overnight stays with a morning and evening walk, and optional extra services that can be included throughout the day!

This gives you piece of mind that your pet is properly cared for, and that they're happy, safe and contented while you are on holiday, or away from home.

We also offer a "full 24-hour service" where we attend to a pet's needs as their owners would for that duration, and take them on walks seeing that their daily routine is carefully followed.

Overnight Stays - 5.30 pm to 8.30 am - includes a morning and evening walk and morning and evening routines- £65

(from April 2024 - £75.00)

24 hour "live-in Service" - £95

( From April 2024 - £110.00)


Pet Taxi Service

We provide a service to transport your cats or dogs to an address in or around the Corby, Oakham and Stamford triangle.

This can be a welcome option for customers wanting transport for their pet to the Groomers, Kennels, Vet appointments, Friends or any chosen address in the above area.


£10 per half-hour plus 45p per mile

(from April 2024 - £11 per half-hour plus 55p per mile)


Free Consultation

As part of the service, all new clients are offered a free consultation/meet and greet appointment ahead of any booked service, helping you to feel comfortable we are the right choice for your pet.

After your consultation you will be given a code for access to the customer login page on our website/app.

This will then give you a login button taking you to your online account, where services can be requested. You will also be able to see what services you have booked, and manage your pet's details with their specific needs,

and view your orders.

Please note that all invoices/billing is done at the end of each month. Invoices/bills are sent out via email through the online portal app.

You can also view this within your account.

Dog in Nature
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