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Top 10 Things for You and Your Dog in Spring

Updated: Mar 21

Just like we do, dogs also get spring fever!

With the blossoms blossoming and daisies revealing themselves, the days will now be growing longer, so your dog is probably raring to go right about now. If you’re wondering about what to do with all their extra energy, here are our top 10 ways to enjoy the spring with your dog:  


  1. Schedule a shopping spree. 

Spring is a great time to find some new toys and games for your dog. Visit a pet-friendly retailer and shop together for some new activities you can enjoy with one another. You may even want to spruce up your furry friend’s look with a new collar and lead. Whether you buy anything or not, the point is to have fun together on your shopping trip. 


2. Plan a play date. 

Decide to meet other pooch parents at a dog-friendly park or at one another’s homes. Dogs love to play with one another, and being around other dogs is holistic and great for your mind, body, and soul.  

If you have a dog-proofed outside garden or space, you might also consider hosting a ‘paw party’ by having your friends and their dogs over. Have lots of treats on hand and plenty of activities planned; homemade agility obstacles, for example, as well as supervised time for your furry friends to just relax and socialise together.  


3. Have a photo session. 

Spring flowers make for gorgeous photos, so schedule a photo session with a professional photographer, or even a friend, to capture the beauty of your dog in a springtime setting.  

Then have fun sharing your favourite ones.  


4. Not just a walk; take a hike. 

Dogs adore the great outdoors and love few things more than roaming the hills and taking in all the sights and sounds. Hiking together will give you both plenty of fresh air and loads of exercise. Be careful and start slowly if you haven’t been walking much recently; maybe even just 10–20 minutes a day is a good start.  


5. Hone those fetching skills. 

We know that the spring landscape is often full of sticks that have fallen from trees during the winter, and we also know that sticks can splinter and cause unintended splinters in your dog’s mouth! But, by bringing along a variety of toys, too, like Frisbees and balls, to keep the fun going, we can alleviate this danger without losing the fun. Playing a simple game of fetch is a fantastic way to sharpen your dog’s eye-mouth coordination and give them some much-needed exercise after a long winter of rest.  


6. Take to the water. 

Most dogs take to water like flies to honey—most dogs! If you live near a dog-friendly lake or river or are lucky enough to live by the beach, spring is the time to go and enjoy it. And while your pooch enjoys splashing in the water, you can also enjoy soaking up some sun.  


7. Go camping. 

Search for a pet-friendly campsite—or just make your own! Just make sure to pack all your pet’s essentials: food, clean water, bowls, a grooming kit, bedding, poo bags, and an extra lead and collar.  

And as we discussed in an earlier blog, make sure your pet is properly identified in case you are separated.  


8. Exercise together. 

Need to get rid of some winter weight gain? We’re not answering!  

Whether it’s on you or your dog, you can start shedding that extra Christmas weight by exercising together. Whether it be running, biking, brisk walking, or even rollerblading, find a dog-friendly park and do some workouts together. You’ll have a great time getting the endorphins flowing and just bonding with your dog. Make sure to take lots of photos to keep or share.  


9. Create your own agility course. 

You don’t have to spend lots of money on extravagant equipment; just make a simple obstacle course in your garden or outside space and teach your dog to go through it, round it, or over it!  

Use garden chairs, cardboard boxes, hula hoops—anything on hand that won’t cut or harm your pet. And have plenty of treats on hand to reward them when they do it right.  


10. Take a break together. 

If there’s somewhere you’ve been wanting to go, do it now!  

There are lots of pet-friendly hotels, hostels, and campsites these days, so bringing your best friend along is easier than ever. Choose a place with plenty of outdoor space for your dog to exercise and play in, maybe along a lake or in the hills. If you travel by car, make sure your dog has a car seat and all the gear a travelling pooch needs. Here’s a link to a previous blog about travelling with your dog. Be prepared.  


Spring is the perfect season for quality time with your furry friend.  

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