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Top Rainy Day Activity Tips with Your Dog

We currently find ourselves in the good old British 'summer', but all these rainy days are ruining the plans we have with our pooches!  

The unusually wet weather can ruin your dog’s outdoor time; however, we could have what you need to bring back the fun.  


Here are a few ideas for some bonding time during those miserable rainy days:  


New tricks  

Teaching your dog anything can take time, but if you’re forced indoors because of the bad weather, then you’ll have all the time in the world. It’s the perfect way to keep bored minds busy, and you can even perform for friends and family to show them what a clever little pooch you have.  

See an earlier blog post about indoor games for inspiration.   


Spa day  

Yes, our dog loves pampering too! Make a ‘pamper pack’ of doggo shampoo and conditioner, paw and nose balm, toothbrush, meaty toothpaste, their favourite grooming brush, and a scented spritz to finish off.  

Incorporate a lovely relaxing dog massage (there’s lots of videos on YouTube if you're worried about doing it correctly).  

Not only will they feel extra relaxed, but they will also look, feel, and smell amazing.  


Retail therapy  

Why not take them to your local pet store (if you can) and treat them to a new toy?  

They’ll enjoy joining you for a rummage around.  

They can sniff out a new favourite toy and play around with the different squeaks, squawks, and sensory stimulants.  

There are also plenty of human shops and cafes that are dog-friendly, so don’t forget to spoil yourself too!  


Indoor playdate  

If your furry friend is not getting their usual outdoor playtime with friends because of the rain, you could ask their friend's round for the day.  

Your pooch can lead the way and show their doggy friend all their toys and the best places to run riot around the house. Take turns with the other parents so the pooches can enjoy a new environment every day. This way, you’ll get some much-needed respite and relaxation after a house full of adorable pups.  


Embrace the wet!  

Our usual way to walk our dogs when it is rainy outdoors is to throw a raincoat on and get the walk done as quickly as possible. However, why not live in the moment and allow yourself to get soaked through?  

Play all the usual outdoor games, take a longer walk, and laugh as you and your pooch embrace the great British weather! You’ll feel liberated and energised, and you can look forward to a hot shower and a warm drink on your return.  


Tip: Be prepared for your return home.  


  • If you have driven to a park for your walk, make sure your car is well protected from a muddy dog! Have plenty of covers or old blankets to protect your seats.    

  • Leave a towel by the door so you’ll have it on hand upon your return.  


  • Before you leave for your walk, close doors to areas where you don't want a soggy doggy!  


  • Ensure you clean between all pooches' toes to avoid any dampness turning into sore feet. Dogs like to clean themselves, and if they lick their toes after a walk, they can digest dirt and grime.  


The rain won't stay around forever, but using these tips can alleviate any stress, and you’ll be back to your normal dog adventure routine before you know it.  


Take care and keep having fun. 

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